In What Ways Does Attitude Affect Appearance?

In What Ways Does Attitude Affect Appearance?

Women think they will look amazing if they have on a beautiful outfit, makeup on, and are a perfect weight. This may be true. However, the attitude of a woman can change everything. Though a woman looks amazing, if she is angry and bitter inside, this will show on the outside. She will not see herself as the beautiful woman who is in the mirror. She will see herself as the angry bitter person she is on the inside. 

These feelings of anger and bitterness will pour to the outside, and this is what people will see when they look at this woman who has these feelings on the inside of her. This can affect a date, a job, opportunity, and so much more. 

The next way attitude affects appearance is how confident a woman is about herself. Some women get up and throw anything on, and some women get up, iron their clothes, and look perfect before leaving home. The woman whom irons her clothes is more confident than the woman who gets up and throws anything on. When a woman throws anything on, this shows that they think they are not good enough to look good before leaving home. People in this world, especially employers and potential spouses, want to deal with confident women. 

Women who keep a positive attitude will look wonderful even in rags. This is because the people around them will notice their wonderful attitude and not their bitter rags. Changing an attitude means changing a life. 


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