Some Easy Makeup Application Tips for Teens

Some Easy Makeup Application Tips for Teens

All girls who are in their teens are very fond of the application of makeup. There are some quick and easy ways by which makeup can be applied in a smooth and hassle free manner without any smudging at all. To know more about these, read on. 

Cleanse your Face Thoroughly 
Prior to the application of makeup, you need to first make sure that you have cleaned your face very well and that there are no dirt particles on it. These would otherwise clog the pores on your skin and result in the outbreak of pimples. Cleansing of skin should be done with the use of cleansing milk alone. 

Moisturize your Face prior to Makeup Application 
Apply some moisturizer on your face and let it dry for some time. The cream will have to settle well into your facial skin in order for the makeup which is applied later to stay on for a longer time. 

Avoid Using Liquid Eye Liner 
Opt for the use of eye pencils rather than mascara or any form of liquid eye liner. The latter tends to smudge very easily and can end up making your face look rather awful. 

Use Mat Based Lipsticks 
If you don’t have very dry skin, you should go for the use of lipsticks that are of a mat base. The stay on value is much longer and it is also quite easy to take off. 
Thus, by keeping the above mentioned tips in mind, you will be able to engage in the successful application of makeup in your teens. 



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