Discover Why You Are More Likely To Develop Acne If You Have An Oily Skin

Discover Why You Are More Likely To Develop Acne If You Have An Oily Skin

The most horrible part of the story of an oily skin is the one about acne. Anyone with Oily skin is more likely to develop acne at any stage of life. Several factors play a major role here. 

If you have dark hair, you are likely to produce more oil in the oil-glands than anyone with light hair.  More oil is more likely to attract dirt particles from the atmosphere. Oil and dirt make quite a recipe for acne.

Varying amounts of stress also contribute to the formation of oil on the skin and the consequent formation of acne. But acne formation can also be because of a few hormonal changes in your body.

But this doesn’t mean that everyone with an oily skin is likely to develop acne. Considering the positive points of having an oily skin, one with an oily skin is likely to show signs of aging at a much later stage. 

Those with dry skin or normal skin are likely to develop wrinkles and fine lines at an early stage. But the luxury of a later manifestation comes with it own drawbacks.

Your oily skin is bound to require a lot more care and attention than normal skin. The pores of the skin require regular and good amount of cleaning. 

You must practice great care while cleaning the area of your skin which has dead skin cells without applying such a pressure that your efforts prove to be counterproductive. Always use a mild cleanser to clean the face.


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