Perfect wardrobe

Perfect wardrobe

Have you ever looked at full wardrobe and thought how you don’t have anything to wear, and think of all clothes you don’t own? Of course you did. It is because your clothes don’t pass certain ‘’requirements’’ for perfect wardrobe! So, if you want to have a wardrobe which will satisfy all your needs, you must pay attention to the: quality, variety, form and function, versatility and personality. Only when you have clothes which can satisfy all these conditions, you will be satisfied with it.

You must have quality clothes! It is much better solution to buy more expensive clothes than some cheap! When people see you wearing quality clothes, this will give you certain dosage of respect! For example, wearing Theory Lilita Dress in Classic Suede ($715), Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket ($129) or Rag & Bone Stretch-Cotton Francois Vest ($450) you will look beautiful and expensive.

Variety is something that can make a difference between you being popular and being someone with money but without the taste. You should combine classic pieces with modern trend-driven pieces. This means you have style and know what you are doing.

Your clothes must be functional and beautiful. There is no point of wearing some dress that looks great, but is extremely uncomfortable. If you want to obey, form and function rule, don’t buy clothes with scratchy fabric or annoying logistics.
Versatility is key if you want to get dressed in the morning fast. You must have clothes that can be worn on special occasions, but you can wear it every day.

The hardest ‘’rule’’ to obey is personality. Clothes you are wearing should reflect your personality, so choose carefully. Depending on your cloths, people may get right or wrong impression about you.


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